Somerset West Unitarian Fellowship

Sunday, 7 July, 10:45 am

Rev. Berry Behr, “Breaking the Mold: The Healing Power of Interfaith"

In a world in which people are shockingly massacred in their most sacred places of worship, we look at the human response to trauma. We consider the fear factor, and we explore the possibility that Interfaith as a movement is the one paradigm in which we can all be held safe. After the killings in Christchurch mosques, Sri Lankan churches and a San Diego synagogue all within the past three months, we have to consider doing things differently. What might that look like?

For me, those three tragedies happened around another life changing event - a trip to Jordan to meet King Abdullah II, a man whose heroic championing of interfaith harmony has had and continues to have global impact. I will tell you what His Majesty said to me, and why I believe that a new way of thinking can not only help to heal the painful divisions and separations of the past but can also help to keep us safer as we move into an uncertain future. A free will contribution will be appreciated.

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