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Rev. Gordon Oliver

Minister emeritus

Gordon continues his long service as minister in our church  and is very active with interfaith activities.  He has been a leader in the world-wide International Council of Unitarians and Universalists and has a master’s degree in religious studies. Gordon has had a number of careers, most notably including a term as mayor of Cape Town. He welcomes the opportunity to support and encourage others. You can see more about him here:

Feel free to contact Rev. Gordon at

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Leigh Meinert Council chairperson

Leigh Meinert became Council Chair in June 2019. She is passionately focused on making the Cape Town Unitarians a thriving community and place for support and encouragement to follow your spiritual path wherever it might lead you.

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Rev. Roux Malan

Community Minister

As a Thinker, Eco-Socio Activist and Community Minister, Rev. Roux Malan is currently piloting a community project with Gur Mouanga in one of the oldest townships in Cape Town. He also conducts weddings on behalf of the Unitarian Church Cape Town. Roux became an ordained minister in the Dutch Reformed Church in 1993 after he completed his Masters Degree in Clinical Pastoral Care at the University of Stellenbosch. He then served the Dutch Reformed Church Still Bay from 1993 till 2003 and the Unitarian Church in Cape Town from 2008 till 2017 as full-time minister. Currently, he is an unpaid Community Minister of our church. To keep his professional skills up to date he is registered as a Specialist Pastoral Counsellor with the Council of Pastoral and Spiritual Counsellors (CPSC) and he uses these skills in his Community Work. Roux is passionate about the future of the continent of Africa and its people (especially women and children) as well as the ecological integrity of our planet and the type of economy that can sustain it. He draws his spiritual sustenance from liberal christian and humanist teachings, the rich tradition of Buddhism (particularly Zen and the Dzogchen traditions) as well as the healing wisdom of Africa. He is also licensed as marriage officer with the Department of Home Affairs. In his spare time he loves swimming in the ocean, cooking food with a sun oven and fiddling in the garden.
He lives with his life partner, Rachel, and her daughter, Hannah, in Muizenberg and he is the father of two beautiful daughters, Angelique and Amore (both in their twenties).

To read more about his work and his services as marriage officer you can visit his website: